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Karate Classes in Feasterville, Pennsylvania

We provide fun and challenging programs for the students in an innovative and creative environment. Our dojo not only teaches techniques from different martial arts styles. We also teach the philosophies and disciplines that come with them. This is because martial arts not only benefits the body but it helps nurture the mind and character of the individual as well.

We have programs for individuals with Different Abilities promoting fitness and well-being. If you need a Martial Arts Fitness Class in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, come to us.

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Unleash your inner dragon and train where the champions train.

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Learn the techniques of kickboxing by joining our classes.

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American Kenpo Karate

Be trained in the hybrid style of American Kenpo techniques.

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Chinese Kenpo Karate

Embody the movement and philosophies of Chinese Style Kenpo.

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Training for People with Different Abilities

We provide special martial arts classes for people with disabilities.

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Community Empowerment Workshops

We hold empowerment workshops to promote fitness in the community.

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Our Vision Statement

Our dojo believes that the ultimate goal of a martial artist does not lie in victory or defeat but in the improvement of his or her character. Martial arts is more than just kicking and punching… [ Read More › ]

Join the excitement at Amerikick Southampton Karate. Sensei Charles Stevens