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Karate can be a positive sport for any child, but martial arts programs are designed to help the more challenged child be successful for many reasons such as:

  • Karate helps create a strong core of muscles and is a challenging workout. Students learn better balance and coordination and have a better understanding of their body in space which can help children who have difficulty with spatial boundaries and sensory inputs.
  • A child entering a karate program begins class in the same manner each session. The student works on a particular form, or pattern of moves within their belt ranking. The day to day classes are not identical, but the student knows the expectations each day for the class and what to work on to be successful. This can help reduce the anxiety in a child and provide enough predictability for the child to learn and grow.
  • Children who have difficulty remembering steps and sequencing can succeed in martial arts because there is significant repetition in the classes. Not only does this repetitive pattern help children improve in memory and sequencing, but Dr. Bruce Perry at states that Pattern Repetitive Stimulation is the most beneficial activity to help the brain recover from trauma.
  • Martial Arts training offer’s a distinctive experience in that the student performs to the best of their ability, without being compared to all other students in the class, and as a student progresses in belt ranking, they slowly progress from the role of student and add the role of leader.
  • Instructors work to help students develop and maintain self-control. For students with ADHD and other disabilities where control is an issue, instructors help the child learn better focus.
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