Learn the origin and philosophies of Kenpo Karate.
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Kenpo is a style of martial arts that shows how cultures can merge and benefit from one another.

Kenpo is a Japanese Martial Arts form. But unlike Karate, its origins are linked to China and have very strong influences from the Chinese systems. Its name “Kenpo or Kempo” is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character “Chuan” and “Fa.” This translates to “The Method of the Fist/Hand.”

It’s common for practitioners to use both Japanese and Chinese style techniques. The difference is that the Japanese style tends to emphasize more fluidity. With this, it focuses more on shorter stances and movements compared to the Chinese style of movement.

Within Kenpo, there are many variations. They include:

  • Kosho-Ryu
  • Shaolin Kenpo
  • Kajukenbo
  • Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo
  • Ed Parker’s American Kenpo
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