Common Martial Arts Myths: Debunked!


At some point in their lives, some people have thought of embarking on martial arts or a self-defense program. But their impression of this sport might not necessarily be true. The industry is also full of myths, especially from non-participants.

As soon as you start a martial arts fitness class in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, Amerikick Southampton also teaches the truths about certain myths, such as:

  • The Touch of Death
    You may have seen this in movies, but it is not true! In real life, no record has been recorded regarding the death touch.
  • Black Belters Are Undefeated
    The black belt is a symbol of competence in many forms of martial arts. But no black belter will claim to be unbeaten. Like the rest of us, they are humans too.
  • Black Belt Is the Highest Dan
    No, the black belt represents experience and skill where one has mastered all techniques. Equating this belt to being the highest dan (rank) is a myth. In Tae Kwon Do, for instance, the black belt itself has its own ranks.
  • Strength Is the Only Way to Go
    While being strong helps you excel in certain martial arts, you also need to develop flexibility and fluidity.

If you have read this far, it means you have an interest in the sport, which is a good thing! An apprentice starts with curiosity. And if you are ready to join our martial arts dojo in Pennsylvania, meet with our trainers in your free time.

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